About Me

img_0503Hi. Ni hao. Bonjour. I’m Yumeng from China. You can call me Moe. (That means the last character of my Chinese name).

I grew up in Yinchuan and spent my college life at University of International Business and Economics, Beijing. I got bachelor degree of Economics and minored in French. In August 2016, I moved to New York city and now I’m a first-year graduate student at NYU.

I always try to be interesting and embrace every possibility of life. And I believe in Ichi-go-ichi-e, which means a unique meet for never. Thus, it’s important to seize the moment.

I’m passionate about arts, dancing and music. I learnt Chinese painting and Guzheng for years and I was a member of my university Ballroom Dancing Team. Now, I’m also taking design class from Parsons.

Welcome to me blog!

Social Media:

Instagram: @mooe42

Facebook: @Yumeng Ji

Twitter: @yumeng_ji