How to fascinate others?

To begin with, I’d like to express my appreciation to Sally Hogshead and my professor Joanne Tombrakos for giving me the great chance to explore how the world sees me through Fascination Advantage Test. And the result I got is quite precise and thought-provoking.

As mentioned by Sally Hogshead, people nowadays only have attention span of 9 seconds, which is as short as a goldfish. However, as both a marketer and a student who hope to land a job through interviews, 9 seconds is all we get to open the door to a bigger conversation. How to make introduction and fascinate others? How to locate my natural fascination talents and activate my triggers? I really got no idea after reading the introduction of the test.

According to the test result, my archetype is Maestro, which means I’m a natural leader and make decisions easily and reach conclusions quickly.Besides, all maestros share a strong will and driving force and always have the “horsepower” to achieve big goals. My primary advantage is Power while the secondary advantage is Prestige. This combination let me provide influential leadership, hold strong opinions and set high standard for myself and co-workers. Sally Hogshead mentioned in her TED Talk that Donald Trump’s archetype is also Maestro, which is also describes as Perfectionistic Powerhouse: big personalities, big ideas and long-range goals.


After reflecting and thinking back, I find the result is so true to me. I’m always an ambitious and confident person who can be extremely focused when pursuing a goal. Especially when the report talks about the highest value I could deliver, it said, “You are naturally independent. You tend to believe that you can simply do things better yourself.” Although hard to admit, when I am the leader of the Student Union or cooperate with others in a competition or group work, I always tend to think solo can be the best thing. However, this test reminds me that by coaching my team members to improve their own performance and allowing them to learn by making their own mistakes, I could progress further. It is a precise and profound lesson for me. What’s more, the result also indicates my most exhausting form of communication is Mystique. People like me usually won’t hide emotions or opinions and our personality thrives in environments with a lot of discussion back-and-forth. Because we are like open books, in business negotiations that require holing back information, we may tend to feel challenged. However, life is not always full of opportunities for us to apply our top advantage. It’s still significant to learn the skills of holding back, listening and provoking questions without giving answers.

As far as I’m concerned, the idea of fascination can be extremely important for marketers. In a world of overwhelming information and limitless competitors, we are expected to harness the first 9 seconds and use our fascination talents to let people fall in love with our ideas and willing to know more. Just take Steve Jobs as an example. He is not only an extraordinary inventor but also a brilliant marketer. He reinvented many products that are already available to the market but change the consumers’ idea towards them. However, how to sell the brand new products, the idea and the value in the first place? I believe is by his natural fascination. Sally Hogshead holds the idea that Steve Jobs has s Change Agent Combination. He used his Power and Vice to fascinate the public. He sold his inventions and dreams to the consumers. They are deeply fascinated by his life changing products and his ambition and confidence.


Therefore, why not hold our born advantages to persuade, to influence, to attract, and to inspire everyone you encounter? Here, I recommend you to find out your own competences through the Fascination Advantage Test- How to Fascinate?



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