Record your beautiful moments using a camera.

I love traveling, visiting museums and going to concerts and music festivals. I’m a real foodie, I could discover subtle beauty and happiness in daily life and I regard every past moment as precious memory. Therefore, when you check the albums on my iPhone, you’ll find 5384 photos of delicious food, brilliant art work, interesting quotes, pleasant scenery and of course plenty of my selfie lol.


Photos could always remind me of those best memories and beautiful moments and that’s why I’m obsessed with taking pictures. As a non-professional photographer, I prefer easy to use cameras which are light as well as good looking so I could carry them everywhere and put them in my tiny bags. Below are 4 photographic equipment I’m using now:

  • iPhone
  • GoPro
  • Fuji Instax Camera
  • Sony ILCE-6000

If you are not a super serious photographer and just want to capture the happy moments and record your exciting life, I strongly recommend those cameras. You can start with a Fuji Instax Camera which could offer you a cute photo immediately when hanging out with friends. Besides, for a long-distance traveling, you can take a compact camera or an interchangeable-lens camera with you so you could record everything in the trip using photos or videos. However, if you love hiking, diving or skiing, you may need a GoPro, which could allow you to shoot under water, in strong wind or in a noisy environment.

Today, from a marketing aspect, I’d like to talk more about Sony compact camera and evaluate its customer experience across all platforms.


Compact camera is also called point-and-shoots, is a still camera designed primarily for simple operation. Just as I mentioned above, it is popular with people who do not consider themselves photographers but want cameras for snapshots of vacations, parties, reunions and other events. It is now the best selling type of separate camera and the biggest competitor of Fuji Instax camera. As for Sony, they are producing 23 kinds of fixed lens, cyber-shot cameras ranging from casual point-and-shoots to high-end models.

After checking their website from PC, iPhone and iPad, I’d like to score Sony Compact camera website’s UX (User Experience) from various aspects. The scores are out of 100.


To begin with, I think its website is useful for searching cameras, finding out details and browsing the reviews. One of the strengths of their website is that under the specifications and features section, you will find sample icons and descriptions delivering necessary message and you could also choose “Full specifications” to see professional parameters. It is a brilliant design for impatient web users who will only scan. You could also compare several cameras together to see their difference. However, this function can be quite difficult on mobile phones because of their small screens. Every information on its website serves exact purpose and you’ll not find useless information on its simple page. In addition, their website is totally user centered and responsive because every function is mobile and available on both PC, tablet and mobile phone. Their mobile optimized site is designed for both landscape and portrait orientation. Last but not the least, when you are searching on your mobile phone or tablet, you’ll notice a calls-to-action at the front even when you scroll down the page.

 However, with regard to the pleasure to use the website, I should say I’m disappointed and this website is not desirable. Cameras can be quite visualized and photography itself is appealing and attractive. However, both Sony’s home page and compact cameras’ page are all cold, distant and professional. Besides, after checking different models with price ranging from $89.99 to $3899.99, I find Sony will provide more information, more creative design and higher quality photos for those expensive cameras. And its cheapest model selling $89.99 has terrible pictures and aesthetics on its page. I can understand cameras with higher price has better quality but its casual cameras actually have better sales. Besides, its website doesn’t provide enough content to engage consumers and although they offer detailed information for each camera, they lack information which convince and inspire people to make a purchase. You cannot feel the happiness and pleasant of photography from their website.



In conclusion, from technical aspect, the website of Sony compact camera does a great job because it is user friendly and mobile optimized. However, from content and aesthetic aspect, Sony needs more work on their website design in order to be more appealing and engaging.

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