Make your iPhone camera more advanced.

With the rapid development of the camera phones, we are getting more and more used to take photos using cell phones instead of carrying heavy camera and lenses everywhere with us. Therefore, the camera phone itself and camera apps have become the most powerful competitors to the compact cameras and interchangeable-lens cameras. As a typical millennial, I feel panic when my phone dead and always post photos and leave comments on social media. I will take many photos of a same thing or take 100 selfies and just choose one to edit and add a filter before posting. I pay so much attention to the quality and content of my posts especially on WeChat and Instagram and that’s why I heavily rely on camera app to let my photos look better, more artistic and more attractive.

Today, I’m going to talk about my favorite camera app VSCO.

To start with, although iPhone’s native camera has some great features, sometimes you may need to focus on a subject close to you and make the background blurry or you want to take a photo at the low light. Because of its fixed lens and limited settings, iPhone can only take pictures like below when you are drinking in a bar, having dinner at a fancy restaurant with dim light or hanging around in a strange city and finding something worth recording:


Howeve, manual settings from powerful camera app such as shutter speed, ISO and white balance will help you out and provide you with a high-quality photo.

As for VSCO, an app known for photo editing features and sophisticated filters, also has a useful built-in camera with a variety of manual controls. When you open the camera mode, you will find several icons at the bottom which allow you to customize exposure, white balance, focus, ISO, shutter speed, etc. For example, if you tap on the sun icon, you could drag the slider to adjust the brightness of your image. You can also use the WB setting to get your ideal colors by either warming up or cooling down the colors. Using the ISO setting, you can adjust the camera’s sensitivity to light and get a brighter photo with higher ISO number.

The coolest thing about VSCO camera is its shutter speed which controls the exposure time for the image. When capturing the light trails or shooting moon or stars, you will need great long exposures. In addition, you are also allowed to add film-like filters and edit your photo by adjusting grain, skill tone, temperature, etc. The operation is as sample as Instagram although it has fewer filters and more editing functions. And you can also view your operating history and choose to undo any of them.

VSCO aims to encourage people everywhere to create, discover, and connect and it builds up a community for them to express themselves. Therefore, when customers download the VSCO app, they not only acquire a professional camera, a user-friendly photo editing tool but also a group of people sharing the same interesting and a sense of belonging. In the VSCO community, you are able to upload images, write journal and publish collection. Besides, you can also follow other users and check their images and collection.


This platform is so engaging that Marriott Hotel even ran a #TravelBrilliantly campaign last year and cooperated with VSCO to create their own page. Working with local photographers, they talked about 10 different cities such as Osaka, Pune and London, post stylish photos and give practical guide in their journal. I found this page pretty appealing and it is also a brilliant campaign from a marketing perspective. Although they mentioned nothing about their own hotel and only inspire people to travel, those visualized and useful contents will let people think of Marriott Hotel when they travel to those cities.



In conclusion, as a third-party camera app, VSCO is both innovative and useful because of its great function and pwerful built-in camera. It serves a clear purpose and has an aesthetic design. Therefore, I strongly recommend you to download this app and start to enjoy some of the more advanced camera features on your iPhone.


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