Are you a Photography fan?Check your Twitter to see a Sony camera ad.

Although Twitter is now facing various problems such as mob violence, no differentiation and irrelevance, many people still regard it as a channel to get a real-time feed and an unedited, unscripted look into the world as it changes. As for me, I use it as a platform to connect with my classmates and professors as well as to exchange our ideas and views towards marketing news and current events.

Today I’d like to evaluate one of Sony Electronics’ paid ads on Twitter and talk about the specs, pricing, effectiveness and efficiency of Twitter paid ads.

What I found quite interesting is that Sony’s sponsored ad only showed when I searched for Nikon and Canon. Sony is clearly trying to steal customers from its competitors by improving exposure and leaving more impressions. The video Sony used is about the  light painting and catching the star trail features of Sony RX compact digital cameras. The video is 30 seconds short and there is one line on the top, “For more photography tips and tricks, visit Sony alpha Universe.”


Frankly speaking, I don’t think this ad will bring Sony expected conversion rate because neither the opening line nor the cover picture of the video is engaging and attractive. Supposing I’m a photography fan searching for cameras and wishing to get some real world information and comments from their users, will I open this video and click on the link? I don’t think so. Besides, the content of this video fails to differentiate RX cameras from other compact digital cameras and show up its extraordinary night shooting features, as a result of which it may can’t convert consumers from competitors into Sony fans. What’s more, as I mentioned in one of my previous posts, Record your beautiful moments using a camera, as a visual product, Sony Electronics’ website is not desirable and some of the photos and articles posted are not of good sense of beauty. Therefore, in order to appeal to more Twitter users, Sony needs more work on ad design and content marketing.

屏幕快照 2017-04-02 下午3.19.27.png

屏幕快照 2017-04-02 下午3.19.17.png

Then I’d like to talk about Twitter paid ads using this ad piece as an example. You can get all the information you need from Twitter’s introduction page such as how to schedule your campaign timeframes, set budgets and bids or understand the pricing and costs of your ads. As for Sony, the reason why its digital managers chose Twitter maybe is that plenty of its target consumers are on Twitter and some of them prefer to use Twitter to search for information. Therefore, managers are glad to find that Twitter could offer them an opportunity to target specific consumers through keywords, behavior and interest. Thus, they chose their competitors such as Canon and Nikon as keywords, select Photography and Lifestyle as interest categories and connect with people who browse photography website and have ever purchased digital products online. Next, they set the goal of this campaign as to increase website traffic through a video and introduce Sony RX cameras to more people. When comes to calculate the costs of this campaign, they noticed that they have two options to choose from when determining how to set bids for their campaigns: automatic or maximum bidding. Moreover, they will only be charged for the clicks to their website and video views occurring only when their video is at least 50% in-view and has played for at least 2 seconds, or if the user clicks to watch the video in full screen. Last but not the least, managers are also paying lots of attention on their original posts under Sony’s account due to the fact that there will be more and more people click  into their Twitter home page thanks to this ad.




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